Why does Primer have a Code of Conduct?

We put this page together to help students and families understand what they should expect to see on Primer's platform, and how others expect them to interact with that material. We're committed to maintaining a psychologically safe environment where every member of Primer's clubs can thrive and learn equally and without unkind or unwanted interference.

Every Primer family that abides by our Code of Conduct will help us create a culture marked by appropriate, constructive interactions between peers. By the end of this page, you'll know what it means to be a contributing member of Primer's clubs. You'll also know what to do when you see something that doesn't line up with the values and guidelines below.

Primer's Code of Conduct applies to everyone who interacts with Primer's product and the broader community.

Everyone means:

Interacting with Primer's product and broader community means:

Primer Community Guidelines

Celebrate creativity

When reacting to project updates or commenting on someone's post, we celebrate the creativity and special details that a person used to make that project their own. We celebrate the process of coming up with, sharing, and testing adventurous ideas.

Welcome personality

When people share about themselves, their ideas, or something that they're proud of, it's every club member's job to make them feel welcome in a club. This is different from sharing personal details and private information, which is not allowed at Primer.

Give constructive, actionable feedback